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Designing future-ready connected factories

Industry 4.0+ norms are revolutionizing the manufacturing processes and setups like never before. IOT, data collection and data analytics begins where Industry 4.0 readiness ends. The first step to Smart Factories is to enable individual machines, lines and processes compliant to the Industry 4.0+ norms

AllyGrow’s Smart Manufacturing Solutions preps the manufacturing setup for Industry 4.0 readiness. Right from plant setup planning to selection of critical systems, design of tools, simulation at individual workstation level, line balancing and overall plant simulation, Allygrow experts can deliver a digital footprint of a state-of-the-art industry 4.0 ready manufacturing setup.


  • Process consulting
  • IOT enablement
  • Predictive / Prescriptive maintenance solutions
  • Asset monitoring / energy management systems
  • Productivity improvement & monitoring
  • Traceability