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Statistically defined measurement strategy that builds dimensionally validated vehicles.

The design and geometry of automotive subsystems is often complex. There are many inter-related parts and interfaces, each one of which has to be crafted with great accuracy and the whole system to be put together elegantly and aesthetically. Significant efforts and investments are put in by OEMs and tier 1s around the world to ensure perfectly produced parts make perfectly assembled systems to make a top-quality product.

AllyGrow’s experts facilitate this objective for every vehicle program by participating in the simultaneous engineering phase, right from planning the whole process meticulously, defining the templates and masters for quality assessments to establishing an optimized measurement strategy that will meet product quality assurance requirements in the fastest and most economic way.

The responsibility of overall dimensional management for the product is shouldered by Allygrow leaving the OEMs and tier 1s to focus on other aspects of the product management.


  • Simultaneous engineering – product validation, process assessment and optimization
  • Math Data Models (MDM) for weld and other joinery techniques
  • Measurement strategy and measurement routines for different stages of development