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Enhanced product quality through advanced technologies

Every OEM and manufacturer in the world today is aspiring for having Industry 4.0+ compliant SMART factories. While there is a general agreement on the objectives and general framework for Industry 4.0, the actual journey to compliance is fraught with many challenges. Many existing setups and legacy equipment must be made IOT ready, identification of critical process parameters which need monitoring, defining the complete system for feedback and controls, aggregation and analysis of data (in cloud or on premise), dashboards and intelligence reports for meaningful insights and integration with other ERP systems of the organization are just to name a few of them.

At Allygrow, our aim is to work with manufacturers to enable them to take right steps towards their Industry 4.0+ readiness. Our consulting framework looks beyond just technology. It splits the industrial operations into core sections like Products and Services, Manufacturing and Operations, Strategy and Organization, Supply Chain, Business Model & Legal Considerations.

Our typical services include:

  • Studying existing processes & identify the areas where business can leverage IoT
  • Strategy and framework development for IoT implementation
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) to identify the benefits & technology approach
  • Guidance to choose proper hardware & software to build specific solutions