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Data and Intelligence is the currency of the modern world. Geographically correlated success metrics empower critical decision making. Spatial analytics is a discipline that benefits the businesses and governments alike. Businesses gain a competitive advantage through spatial analytics while government bodies are enabled to drive important social initiatives effectively.

From high-definition maps for self-driving vehicles to management of critical assets and from smart cities to digital twins, spatial analytics has carved a niche for itself. At Allygrow (a Ceinsys tech company), we provide the crucial intelligence through our Geospatial services and solutions. With an expert team of geospatial professionals, our multi-disciplinary teams tackle the most challenging of projects—within and across every market.

Representative Services:

  • Application Development – Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) Implementation
  • Needs Assessments and Business Process Reengineering
  • Remote sensing, data acquisition, creation, mapping and analysis
  • 3D Visualization and Simulations
  • Building Information Modeling