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Enhanced product quality through advanced technologies

While manufacturing industry demands for high & consistent quality, manual processes often are prone to subjectivity and human errors. Ensuring quality for high production volume is a herculean task. Highly trained manpower is required for manual inspection and even then, 100% accuracy and repeatability is far from reality. In the current competitive marketplace to ensure consistent quality at optimized cost is of prime importance. Industries are heavily relying on artificial intelligence and automation to replace the “human” aspect of the process in order to achieve this.

AllyGrow’s computer vision product eVision is developed with the combination of unmatched software expertise and domain knowhow of industrial processes. It involves capturing product images with a camera and image processing using deep learning neural networks to replicate the accuracy and repeatability of human eye and judgement.

eVision is high on accuracy and repeatability, cost effective, easy to configure, cloud friendly and can be effectively used for assembly verification, defect identification, counting, sorting and non-contact measurement. It is highly customizable to suit customer specific requirements viz., tolerances, lighting conditions, reflective surfaces, background variations.