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Enhanced product quality through advanced technologies

ndustry 4.0+ is changing the way industries operate in an unprecedented way. SMART Factories are emerging with capabilities for OEE / OLE improvement, remote production monitoring, predictive and preventive maintenance and real-time dashboards resulting in optimization of production costs, productivity improvement, downtime reduction and important production metrics at the fingertips of the stakeholders and decision makers.

Greenfield implementations for Industry 4.0+ compliance are often easier due to freedom of choice for compatible equipment and systems. Real challenge faced by industries today is brownfield projects where existing plants and factories are required to be made Industry 4.0+ compliant.

Allygrow’s eSense is an elegant solution to extract data from current controllers of existing machines, process and communicate it to centralized server for meaningful analysis. Some of the salient features of eSense are –

  • Cloud agnostic solution; on-premise servers also supported
  • Data Acquisition from existing machines using Serial/Modbus protocols
  • Remote configuration of the device
  • Edge device with DIN Rail Mounting provision
  • Custom Dashboard for monitoring equipment health, process parameters and production parameters
  • Ability to Predict machine health using ML capabilities
  • Autonomous Mode
  • Ability to store and push data in case of Network failures
  • rigger automatic Enterprise actions like Requesting spares or creating a service Request