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About Us

AllyGrow forms an integral part of Ceinsys Tech Limited (a company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange & specialized in offering Geospatial, Engineering, and Enterprise solutions). AllyGrow’s expertise is in core engineering design, product development, smart manufacturing, and digitalization in the engineering services space. Managed by a highly experienced team, AllyGrow has and will continue to establish a strong ecosystem that will foster the right blend of high-end competencies clubbed with global delivery excellence.

The team which is formed by passionate technocrats has a perfect amalgamation of creativity, technology, and core engineering skills that will help customers transform ideas into world-class products and solutions. Backed by expertise in integrated product development and process optimization in chosen verticals, AllyGrow targets to be a leading specialized engineering service provider.

As a philosophy, AllyGrow strongly believes in the concept of inclusive growth & hence the company's strategic approach pivots on the central theme –' Partnering (ALLY) for growth (GROW)'.