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Manufacturing Engineering

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AllyGrow’s Manufacturing Engineering Design team has expertise of over 2 million hours in designing Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual Production Systems.

AllyGrow’s Automotive BiW domain expertise include Design of tools for all of the car body like Doors, Underbodies, Tail Gates, Hood, Fender & Roof Assemblies and Body side Lines.

AllyGrow has executed several turnkey projects for complete engineering of Body-shops. This covers all the equipment installed in a BiW line like Geo-Fixtures, Respot Fixtures, Material Handling Grippers, Various End-of-Arm-Tooling, Load Tables, Pass Tables, Trunnions, Turn-Tables, Pedestals, Grippers/Gun Stands, Part Magazines, Pull-off-Carts, Pallets, Conveyor tooling etc.

AllyGrow has adequate experience to work on All-Aluminum cars using Self-Piercing riveting and also MIG welding technology.

Tool & Equipment design offering include

  • Robotic welding fixtures
  • Automatic welding fixtures
  • Manual welding fixtures
  • Material handling fixtures
  • Transfer equipment
  • Checking fixtures
  • Special machines
  • Roller Hemming fixtures
  • Toy Tabbing fixtures
  • Prototype fixtures
  • Pallet tooling

AllyGrow also has the expertise in Structural Analysis & validation of EOAT & Critical Structures in a Body shop using advanced CAE tools

AllyGrow has experience in working with many OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers from Europe & Americas. This means readily available knowledge of Global Design Process and OEM Standards.