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Manufacturing Engineering

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AllyGrow offers advanced Simulation services to visualize, validate and improve designs of a wide range of manufacturing systems early in the design process. Offerings include Robotic Simulation, Discrete Event Simulation, Ergonomic Simulation, Plant Layout.

Robotic Simulation

A digital mock-up is built, which emulates the static and dynamic characteristics of a Robotic work-cell, which can be evaluated and optimized after conducting carefully planned what-if analyses. Simulation exercise provides a validation of concept and processes of assembly lines, system layout, validation of tooling, weld guns, other kinematic devices including the robot reach studies. Simulation is also used to establish process cycle times including robot motion times using specific Robot controller software. AllyGrow has adequate experience to work on All-Aluminum cars using Self-Piercing riveting and also MIG welding technology.

Discrete Event Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation is used to model complex manufacturing systems consisting of products and resources such as Machines, Robots, operators, Handling & Storage devices, which are linked physically and logically. AllyGrow has extensive experience in various business domains to build geometric and logical models of complex production systems to analyze and optimize systems with varying product mixes, inter-arrival times, lot-sizes, MTBF, MTTR etc. using the following features of Discrete Event Simulation.

  • Throughput Analysis & What-if Analysis
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • Buffer size requirements, Bottleneck Identification & de Bottlenecking
  • Manpower Planning, Accessibility & Workspace Analysis
  • Alternatives & Optimization
  • Facility Planning & Plant Utilization

Ergonomic Simulation

AllyGrow offers its services for analysis of human factors involved in any production system. A digital human mannequin is used to confirm compliance to requisite standards and also to verify safety, comfort, reach and visibility related issues in the work environment.
This type of simulation is a must for manual stations to ascertain fatigue and performance related problems before start of production.

Plant Layout

Design of large assembly lines is a big challenge that can be addressed by using software specializing in Factory planning and Plant layouts. AllyGrow can optimize Factory space and other resources utilization by building a Digital mock-up of your factory. The Digital Mock-up offers a complete 3D visualization including a ‘walk-through’ option. Having built the virtual factories, AllyGrow offers the following outputs which are essential to the Line-builder for procurement, manufacturing and installation activities.

Normal Outputs provided:

  • 3D Model Layout
  • 2D Drawings
  • Layout BOM

Need based deliverables:

  • General Arrangement
  • Tool and Equipment Setup
  • Elevations
  • Perimeter Fencing, Control Panels and Enclosures
  • Cable Tray and Utility Drops
  • Operator Walk Paths / Robot Envelope
  • Tool Kits/Make Details
  • Altered Commercial Items
  • Demolition plan