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Manufacturing Engineering

Processing & Simulation Engineering download icon - Whitepaper

AllyGrow uses most advanced and varied Digital Manufacturing Tools to design and validate manufacturing processes. It has full competency to work Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic & manual production systems.

During the Simultaneous engineering phase, Process designers collaborate with product designers, as they design and develop the manufacturing process plan. AllyGrow then validates the process concepts using simulation tools.

Processing & Simultaneous Engineering activities consist of

  • Product Evaluation
  • Assembly Sequence
  • Datum Selection & Sequence
  • Weld Spot Allocation
  • Sealer Amount & Placement
  • Manpower Utilization
  • Material Handling and Material Flow
  • Optimization/ Line Balancing Studies
  • 3D Facility Layout
  • Budget/Investment Analysis
  • Process Validation
  • Web Based Deliverables

AllyGrow has the expertise to use integrated Tool suites from Dassault Systemes and also from Siemens-UGS/Tecnomatix. Building a Digital-Mock-up, integrating Products, Processes and Resources using powerful simulation tools enables Validation through Virtualization.