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Manufacturing Engineering

Measurement Strategy & Dimensional Management download icon - Whitepaper

Strategically selected measurement data enables customers to build dimensionally validated vehicles. The purpose of measurement point selection is to provide mathematical measurements that support the building of dimensionally validated vehicles, by ensuring that all measurement locations are meaningful, minimal, and support Die Process, Weld Process, GD&T and Root Cause path diagnostics. measurement points are a part of an overall measurement strategy and are custom selected for the measurement system they support.

As a part of the measurement point activities, AllyGrow has been developing Component Part, Exterior & Interior Trim Part, and Assembly Part measurement strategies. One of the offering is also to create co-ordinated measurement routines for an entire vehicle program. measurement routines are created from component level up through BiW with Closures, including Vision Routines and Exterior/Interior Trim parts. Strategically selected measurements as mathematical data enable building dimensionally validated vehicles.

Die Support

  • Tryout and Buyoff
  • Production Stamping

Exterior/Interior Trim Support

  • Preproduction Builds
  • Assembly Plant Launch & Production

Assembly Support

  • Mule & Preproduction Builds
  • Body & Closure Match Builds
  • Assembly Plant Launch & Production

Having executed projects for various OEM’s and Tier-1 suppliers, AllyGrow has the experience of executing the project according to the standards specific to both OEMs and Tier-1’s