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Manufacturing Engineering

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Automotive industry is continuously challenged with pressure on investments & reduced time to market for introduction of new models / variants. This leads to a greenfield project or upgrade existing production facilities for introduction of a new variant on an existing production line. Digital Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in this process.

AllyGrow, through its acquisition of Ranal’s engineering services verticals, has now decades of experience and resources with the right skill sets to address this process. The company therefore uses diverse and advanced technologies to meet the objective of reduced time to Start Of Production (SOP). AllyGrow gets associated with a project right from Simultaneous Engineering phase to Processing, Equipment design, Factory planning and Build-support, based on customer need. Digital Manufacturing and simulation tools help to construct a complete Virtual Factory before a single brick is laid at site, thus enabling the customer to plan, validate and optimize their production processes, well ahead of the start of production. Over the period of last 20 years the team has catered to the requirements of global customers to significantly reduce the time as well as cost of setting up production lines.